People of The Gilman

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Unless stated, all characters and material is the work and property of Viktor Devonne and White Elephant Burlesque Corp.

  • a primer on who you should know at the Gilman

1900s & Earlier

Lionel Gilman. (1819-1901). “robber baron” or industrialist/philanthropist who stole/aquired the original Hotel Schonheit and set new construction in motion.  Assumed responsible for/involved with the deportation of original owners and the disappearance of their daughter.

Denise Schonheit. 15 or 16 year-old daughter of the Schonheit family, who did not return to Bavaria with her parents when the building was acquired.  Presumed dead, under suspicious circumstances.

Tobias Gilman. (1838-1923) Lionel’s younger brother and inheritor of the Gilman Hotel; original founder and administrator of the family fortune and estate, via the Gilman Legacy Foundation.

Conroy Schonheit (1854-19??) & Adele Beauchamp Schonheit (1865-????).  Original owners and proprietors of Haus Schoneit, now The Gilman.  Immigrated to the United States in 1890 and reportedly left the country in 1900, the Schonheits later years are presently unknown despite efforts from the #GilmanTruth organization, who maintain their absence is a coverup.  Rumors even persist that the Schonheits were never deported and in fact killed and buried in the hotel, and their travel papers forged.

The Gilman Legacy Foundation (est. 1920) presently run by Vincent French, originally created via Tobias Gilman and the Gilman family estate to maintain access to the Gilman Hotel and respective properties on Gilman Street.  While involved with many charitable foundations and organizations, the GLF is criticized for its involvement or interference with public record about the hotel, the Gilman family, and the people who have stayed there.

1920s -1950s

Natalie May Dashett (1916-????) Radio and film actress, best known for the 40s serial Dark Pier and the lost film Lovebirds (1939), who stayed at the Gilman as early as 1938 until her disappearance in 1951. Ms. Dashett also spoke and sang multiple radio jngles and messages for the Gilman during her stay as part of her payment as a longterm guest.  Learn more about Ms. Dashett here.

1960s -1990s

Edgar Corbin.  (August 17, 1966 – July 16, 2004) was an American serial killer. His crimes, committed around his hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada, garnered Corbin notoriety after committing a rash of violent murders in 1982. Corbin stayed at the Gilman Hotel, in hiding, while it was closed to the general public. According to police records, after 2 nights there, Corbin turned himself in at the local precinct, admitting to his crimes, and giving up his freedom to the shock of authorities after a month long chase.  Corbin said in his statement that he had a change of heart while staying at the Gilman, had “seen the true face of innocence” and that his stay there was directly responsible for his confession. He was convicted of multiple homicides, and stayed in the state penitentiary until his death in 2004.  The Gilman Legacy Foundation notably complained after a “ghost story” special on the Science Fiction Network when it made reference to Corbin being “a guest” at the hotel saying that it was irresponsible of the channel to suggest that the Gilman hotel had allowed him to stay in an official capacity.

Requiem. (1960-1989) Goth shock rockstar in the vein of Ozzy Osborne, Alice Cooper, and Wendy O. Williams.  Requiem was a frequent visitor to The Gilman, and was found dead there on February 15th.  Speculation arose that Requiem was either murdered or died of different causes than the proposed drug overdose as Requiem did not imbibe.  Fans support the theory that Requiem sold their soul for success and their death was payment on delivery.  Visit the Requiem online resource here.

2000s -Present

David Handler. (b. 1979) Biographer of the Gilman family, and former reporter for the Los Angeles Beat newspaper.  Much of the provided information of the Gilman family has been researched and provided by him, initially as an investigated report for a story and then a personal project.  Mr. Handler presently lives in New York, and is considered an unbiased source somewhere between the Gilman Legacy Foundation and #GilmanTruth in terms of reliability.