Segment 19: Regional Hills Network (1982)

written, edited, and produced by Viktor Devonne for 2 Night Stay
performed and recorded by Angora Borealis, Danielle Geist, and Fox Squire

special thank you to Kali von Wunderkammer



Good evening this is RHN News; thank you for joining us.  Our top story tonight, a serial killer has come forward when police weren’t even looking for him.  Edgar Theodore Corbin was arrested today after coming forward, confessing to a dozen murders that authorities had not even tied together. 

Sheila Atkins has the story.

In a potentially embarrassing display of negligence from the county police department, they were surprised today when a man in denim jeans, matching jacket, and plaid workman’s shirt entered the precinct saying he was ready to confess.  Confess to what, they had to ask, as no one knew what he was talking about.

Within three hours, they had names and dates to match twelve unsolved homicides in the area. 

viktor sketches 5 colorThe man’s name: Edgar Corbin, a local man who worked in the town’s Hall of Records administrative office as a clerical assistant and editor. 

Corbin, showing remorse for his crimes, came clean without any hesitation and even despite several reminders he could—and should—have a lawyer present.

While the authorities have not released all of the names in accordance with his confessions due to procedure in notifying the victims’ families first, RHN’s source claims Corbin admitted to frequently scouting inside and outside of the Gilman Hotel, owned by the Gilman Legacy Foundation and currently run by Clive Baird on site on the foundation’s behalf.  They have declined a statement at this time.

There is no direct connection, our source says, for the victims in this case other than their proximity to Corbin.  There is no evidence that he stalked, researched, or even knew much about the victims, instead relaying the experience of their murders as a cathartic impulsive one. 

Corbin is being charged with twelve counts of murder at present, and the victims go back as early as 1978.  He stated the only reason he ended up at the Gilman Hotel for his final set of murders was merely because he needed a place to stay.  His home, the apartment complex Klein Estates, was foreclosed on late last year, and left many of its residents on the street.  While Corbin floated from place to place, he found himself at the Gilman Hotel a number of times, during which he felt an unholy need.

Dr. Marcus Davenport, neuroscience professor, explains:

 “There are of course several factors that can coalesce (co-a-less) to bring out these outcomes, but there’s usually a combination of organic-neurological issues combined with mental health issues, and substance abuse.”

Mr. Corbin entered the police station on Thursday morning after what he referred to as a “spiritual awakening.”  He provided the police with items from the victims he collected over the years, and spoke of a savior that met with him after a dark night of the soul at the Gilman.

“Sometime delusions are a way for someone to cope with the horrors they have done, in addition to what may be an undiagnosed or untreated traumatic brain injury or mental health issues such as PTSD or schizophrenia.  This, combined with drug use, may have sent this man on something of a vision quest.”

Others are unconvinced, citing Corbin’s potential for securing an insanity plea.  District Attorney Mitchell Clarkson has been notably unmoved by such petitions, as viewers may recall in the Duncan Osgood murder case from early last year.

For now, Edgar Corbin is behind bars, and those who were potentially to be his next victims, will never know how close they came to a monster’s random selection process.

Shelia Atkins, Regional Hills Network reporting.

Thank you, Sheila.  And now, what kind of breakfast cereal is most likely to cause irreversible —

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