Catch some backstory on one of the characters of 2 Night Stay:

viktor sketches 1 color
Requiem sketch by Fishy Business

Requiem, lead singer of the Lost Boys, cancels world tour (Tear the Flesh ’89) at the height of their fame to go into self-determined seclusion and found at the abandoned Gilman Hotel in 1989, from uncertain causes and most unhygienic circumstances.

Requiem, a self-professed vampire, was noted by fans as having come back from the dead and more internet rumors persist about resurrection. Which, of course, is nuts.

The Lost Boys’ albums spawned legendary metal/darkwave/rock fusions “Die Die Die Darling,” “Drown Your Face,” “Rage Against,” “Virgin Sacrifice,” and the award-winning single “Spit Dust.”

Holly Ween played Requiem in The Dead Sexy Hotel in 2012.



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Viktor Devonne presents 2 Night Stay

A murder mystery, a ghost story, and found footage, via podcast.

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