Segment 2: Music Video News Break

written and produced by Viktor Devonne for 2 Night Stay
recorded and performed by Matt Storm


viktor sketches 1 color
Requiem sketch by Fishy Business

Ken Ludding with an Music Video News Break.  

Requiem, lead vocalist for the Last Boys, was found dead by authorities at noted luxury hotel The Gilman on Monday.  While details were not made immediately available to the press, Requiem (born Henry Jane Fullton, 10/2/1960) age 27, was discovered by unidentified witnesses early in the morning of February 15th.

Fullton, who legally changed his name to Requiem in 1985 after a meteoric rise to fame with his industrial-synth rock band, made headlines this past Christmas when the fall tour Tear the Flesh ’89 was cancelled and the singer went into what was described as “hiding,” by his bandmates, who released a separate statement indicating the cancellation came as a surprise to them.  This seclusion brought Fullton to multiple cities, ending at the famed and notorious hotel The Gilman.

It was noted by early reports that Requiem was not a registered guest of the hotel, however there were later corrections made, stating that Requiem had used an alias to check in, and while there was no payment method listed on the account, it is likely the rocker was staying at the location up to a week without being bothered by staff.  It is being estimated by authorities that a hotel staffmember was intentionally keeping Requiem’s name off the books, or preventing the room—a modest 2 bed room—from being booked while Requiem was staying there.

Requiem’s final years have seem to have culminated in a frenzy of usual-for-him behavior, from proclamations of vampirism in Rolling Stone in 1987, and forward and frank discussions of the occult during what was intended as a relatively light-hearted evening chat show in the UK, leading the host to sit motionless for several minutes while Requiem discussed Satan.  Indeed, Requiem regularly stayed at the Gilman Hotel, including periods when it was shut down for maintenance in 1986, having provided a steady income to the building’s investors. 

A fan vigil was organized Monday night outside the Gilman Hotel, which shut its doors to the public and provided private entrances and exits to its existing patrons and longterm stays.  Fan club president Melora Debbenski organized the event through word of mouth, appearing in a near identical wine-red leather suit and cape ensemble that Requiem wore in the “Virgin Sacrifice” music video, which premiered on music video networks only this past Halloween.  Requiem appeared in the same attire for promotional photos declaring the Tear Your Flesh ’89 world tour, which was scheduled to start in Helsinki in May.

Requiem and the Last Boys were riding a wave of six hit 12” singles and their latest, “Drown Your Face,” was set to premiere Tuesday, the 23rd of this month  It is anticipated the single will move as expected, although radio stations have been playing on near loop, the now classic first single of the Last Boys, “Die Die Die (Darling)” and its award-winning follow-up, “Spit Dust.”

Last Boys lead guitarist Kurtis Mock called the news of Reqieum’s passing, “on time,” and drummer Harvey Goode said “whenever Req stayed at that hotel, it would take him weeks to get well again.”  Bassist Malcolm Binge declined statements.

Requiem, called the atomic accident mutation lovechild of Wendy O. Williams and Alice Cooper, was last noted to declare “Fear me, ya bitches,” on the now legendary Height of Hits countdown in December.  It would be his last public appearance.


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