Natalie May Dashett

Catch some backstory on one of the characters of 2 Night Stay:

viktor sketches 2 color
Natalie May Dashett sketch by Fishy Business

via Gilman Legacy page:

One of the Gilman Hotel’s most glamorous residents was certainly Natalie Dashett and she has acquired a renewed interest in this modern age.

An anonymous fan of her work in radio serials such as Dark Pier and films like Lovebirds has created a well-intentioned tribute page to the actress.  We inquired to the fan his or her connection to the actress but have not yet received a reply.

Natalie left the business in 1951, but before she did, she was a friend to the hotel and recorded numerous commercials for the Gilman during WWII.

The Gilman Legacy Foundation, as part of their heritage reconstruction project, requests anyone that has a certain lead of Ms. Dashett’s current wherabouts or previous wherabouts, to please contact us directly.

Gretchen Violetta played Natalie May Dashett in The Dead Sexy Hotel in 2012.



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